MS word header definition logic “upside down”

Here is an example of something that drove me nuts recently. I have an MS Word letterhead with a header. I didn’t create it, someone else did (it’s a standard departmental one, customized with my name and other personal data, and it was created for all of us). By default, when I write a letter that’s longer than one page, it puts the same full header on the following pages as well. That’s not nice. I want the full header to only appear on the first page, and would like to define a separate header for all other pages. Yes, Word has a “different first page header” option, which you can choose through the Header/Footer format menu. But it works “upside down”. If you have already defined your header — which would logically be the header, the one you’d want on your first page, and the one you’d typically define first, when you choose the option to have a different first page header, Word will remove your header from the first page, and will keep it in all other pages; the exact opposite of what you want. There is a workaround (I forget what it is exactly). But what we really need is the logical opposite, something like “different OTHER pages header” — or more control over the header’s placement in general.

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