What is this with the ALL CAP DISEASE? Numerous studies have shown that all cap text takes longer to read and much (up to twice) longer to comprehend as compared to mixed capitalized text, not to mention the headaches one gets from reading it in large quantities. Yet, in virtually all cases in which you need to be able to gobble the information very quickly, you get it in ALL CAP. Examples:

  1. Closed Captions for the hearing impaired: they go fast, but you have to struggle with the ALL CAP;
  2. stock tickers;
  3. CNN news feed: it keeps moving, you are fighting to keep up;
  4. Many road signs, in particular the ones that want to alert you to something important, except you need to do it fast because you are driving, you cannot afford taking your eyes off the road for too long, plus you need to get the message quickly, before you passed it. No matter.

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