Signs that don’t provide useful / usable information

This happened a couple of weeks ago.  I was driving on I-95 North from Washington D.C. back home in Massachusetts. There are two tunnels that cross the Baltimore Harbor, the Harbor Tunnel (I-895) and the Fort McHenry Tunnel (I-695). Usually I prefer to take the Harbor Tunnel, it seems to be faster. But if I have reason to believe (or concrete information) that it will be congested, I’ll skip it and take the other one. In the past, it has saved me time and aggravation. This time, approaching the first tunnel, there are “information” signs informing us: “I-95 tunnel congestion, expect delays.” Great, now I know not to take the tunnel. But wait a second, which tunnel is the “I-95” tunnel? Both are along the I-95, the road to each tunnel has its own unique designation (I-895 and I-695, respectively), but that is NOT in the announcement. So I have to guess which one it is. The previous time I saw this sign I guessed right, this time I guessed wrong, and got stuck. And all because someone decided to skip one digit (or, probably, someone just didn’t think of the consequences of the bad information they were providing, which happens a lot).

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