Nobody’s perfect

I love the Mac. Much nicer and better than Windows. Mostly. But I beg to differ with the ‘religious zealots’ that will blindly endorse anything Mac to be better. Here are a few examples:

1. The Mac gives you only that little corner at the bottom right of the window to resize; miss it by a fraction, and you end up in another window. Even worse, if the window in question goes as far down as the dashboard, you’ll be struggling not to — and probably, inadvertantly will — open several programs down there. Windows got it right: grab any edge of the window and drag. Simple.

2.  Dialog and error boxes on the Mac pop up attached to the top of the generating window. In Windows, if you need to view something hidden by the pop-up box you can just drag it out of the way; not on the Mac, it is glued, nailed, and screwed to its ‘parent window’ for no obvious benefit.

3. Menus on the Mac are only available ‘up there’ top left. On Windows, every window of a program has its own menu bar, which saves traveling back and forth to the top left of the screen. (Someone showed a mouse and the wear pattern under it and asked what computer it was: the constant up-amd-to–the-left motion required to access menus on the Mac gave the answer!)

In other words, nobody’s perfect. In other other words, why can’t they get those minor things right?

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