Ooops, FYI, you just destroyed some of your data; oh, well, too bad. OK?

So you have created several PDF files, then you figured out the best would be to merge them into a single file. Acrobat lets you insert PDF files into other ones. But …

If you want to insert one PDF into another, and they have form fields, you will get a message telling you that any form fields that have the same name ‘are now one and the same’; in other words, if you had in each document a form field with the same name (e.g., generic ‘name’) but with different values (say, because you filled out the same original form for two individuals), you now stand to lose one of those values because within the same file, form fields with the same name assume the same value — the last one entered.

While that ‘feature’ is a nuisance, the real problem is that the message box that is trying to alert you to this ‘feature’ only has an “OK” button, no other option. No “Cancel”, “back”, “abort”, “oops”, nada. The only option is the equivalent of “OK, go ahead, destroy my data”.

Your only way out is to (externally, from the Operating System) to kill Acrobat and start all over again. Very graceful.

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