Dumb, dumber, dumbest? Even dumber than that!

I haven’t been back here for more than a year. Not that I didn’t encounter anything worth reporting here (when will that happen?), but nothing was so outrageous that I felt I had to stop whatever I was doing or had to do to report.

Today it happened.

Back in August I was invited to write a chapter for a compendium (I do not want to embarrass them so I’ll leave it as vague as that). When I got their format and submission instructions, I got bad vibes: “Only .doc or .docx files will be accepted; absolutely no LaTeX, PDF, or any other format.” Then it got even better (worse?). Figures have to be uploaded as separate files, in .tif format. When was the last time you heard .tif? According to my memory, it was decades ago.

The submission due date was 15-nov-2012.  I like to be ahead of deadlines, so I just tried to upload my submission. The submission page provided a single file upload. Figuring that I’d need to upload that .docx file, and those .tif files, I created a single archive containing all of them and tried to upload it.

I was immediately “slapped” (in red letters): “Microsoft Word files only (.doc, .docx).”

Perhaps someone can explain to me how to upload a .docx file and a collection of .tif files in a single submission that will only accept a Microsoft Word file?

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