About Quamobrem — Why is it that?

How often do you ask yourself this question? Probably more often than you even think. Well, so do I. So I’ve decided to do something about it. The first thing I’ve decided to do is to start writing down each time, each situation in which I find myself asking this question. Why? Because becoming aware of a problem and documenting it is an important first step towards fixing it.

We all spend more and more time with “machines”. A lot of those machines today either are computers or are controlled by them. Examples (beside your computers): cell phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, microwave ovens, TV sets, cars. Cars? you say. Yes, cars. A typical late model has about a dozen computers to control fuel injection functions, emission, trip meter, climate control, air bags, stability, ABS, and more. Some of it is hidden from you, the user; much isn’t. Try a new BMW’s i-drive. I haven’t, but everyone who has says it is terrible. Why? because it is overwhelming.

But it goes beyond that. I get frustrated with so many confusing, ambiguous, unclear situations: signs that are hard to read, instructions that make no sense and produce no results, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You, too, get frustrated with them. How do I know? Because so many people come to me for help with their new (and old) gadgets. I do have a reputation for “getting along” well with them, so everybody, young and old, ask me to help them set up this or that in their gadgets. And while I try to figure out how to, I ask myself dozens of “why is it that?” questions.

So I started writing them down. This space is where I’ll be posting them as they come up. And I’ll ask you to share with me — and your fellow readers — your own “why’s”. And if by some luck we discover a “why” that has been fixed, we’ll let you know too. Hopefully, this will encourage others to also fix their own “why’s.”

So, let’s go.

(P.S. If you ask “why is this blog called ‘quamobrem’ ?” the answer is quamobrem is Latin for …. yes, why)

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